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Beware Of Barber School Barberettes
Author: Angel Barberette
Content: XXX
Location: Barbershop
Category: Mens
Type: True
Post date: Monday, June 15, 2009
Language: English
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His name was Tommy (not really, but he won't let me give his real name). This story took place when he was 18. He grew up in Lisbon, Ohio, and lived in a rural setting with little knowledge of what big city life or city girls were like. His sphere of knowledge dealt with the 3 F’s: farming, football, and food. He didn’t have a real date in high school, and the only contact with girls was with friends hanging out on the weekends. There was never any one-to-one contact. He kissed some girls and played spin the bottle at parties, but he graduated from high school just as innocent as the day he was born. As far as I know, the rest of his class did the same.

When it came time to go to college, he wanted to go to Ohio State, but even being in-state, his folks could not afford the tuition. He didn’t qualify for enough aid to go there. It looked like he might not get a chance to go to college at all, but at the last minute, he was offered a scholarship to go to Cleveland State. He had never been to Cleveland, and when he visited the campus, Cleveland was really scary looking. He didn’t want to go there at first, but it soon became the only option.

So, in August of 1996, he loaded up his old, beaten up Ford Escort and drove 100 miles from the dark ages to the brave new world. Culture shock was definitely not a theory; it was a fact. He had a lot of difficulty learning to adjust to living in an area with 5 million people compared to the 3,000 he was used to living with. He didn’t fit in with the city folk.. Regarding clothes, shoes, hair, and all that goes with fashion, he looked like Green Acres in reverse. Imagine the folks in Hooterville moving to New York City.

He had gotten his last haircut in Lisbon just before he left for Cleveland. It wasn’t much to speak of. The geriatric barber in Lisbon was lucky if he didn’t nick you in the ear while looking through his thick glasses and cutting with his shaky hand. It looked like an amateur cut compared to all these rich kids from Cleveland.

He didn’t get another haircut very quickly in Cleveland. Besides not knowing where to go, he couldn’t afford to pay $18-25 for a haircut. In fact, he wanted to pay $6, which is how much it cost in Lisbon. He called up places in the phone book, and he was told they all cost $15 to $30. He just couldn’t afford that.

There was a beauty parlor just off the campus charging $12, but he wasn’t about to go there. Finally, he asked one of the stylists in one of those shops that charged $25, where you could get a $6 haircut. The lady at that shop told him he needed to call a barber college. He didn’t know there was such a thing.

He looked in the yellow pages, and there were four barber colleges listed. Only one was within 15 miles of the CSU campus and in a safe neighborhood. It was called the All State Hairstyling School. Hegave them a call. A woman answered the phone. He asked how much it cost to get a haircut there, and she told him $5. That was the bargain he was looking for.

He drove west to the shop. It looked like a factory with about 50 different barber chairs. Nearly every chair was full, but there was something completely different. Most of the chairs were occupied by women barbers. He didn’t want a beautician to cut his hair; he wanted a barber. The receptionist, who was actually one of the haircutters, told him that every lady in the place was studying to be a master barber, and that they all cut men’s hair. He realized the chance of getting one of the three men was low, and he was correct. His first haircut away from home was from a bleach-blonde named Sheena (not her real name). She looked a little sleazy and for good reason. He later found out that Sheena and several other students were reformed prostitutes who had begun to learn hairstyling as part of their restitution. Here was this 18-year old innocent boy getting his first haircut away from home by a 20-something year old woman who thought nothing of having sex with any man who would pay for it.

The haircut took a very long time. Sheena was very talkative, and he was hesitant to say anything. He was too shy and scared to talk to someone who looked like she came out of one of those X-rated movies. When she was done, her instructor inspected the cut, made one or two adjustments near the top, and told her it was a job well done. He paid $5 and left Sheena a $1 tip. She walked him out the door so that she could sit outside and take a smoke break.

When he got back to the campus, he thought about how nice it was to have a girl cut his hair, especially one who looked like she would say yes to anything. It wasn’t even four weeks before he found himself going back to the barber college. He wanted another cut from Sheena. He found out this place had a lot of turnover. Sheena was no longer there, having satisfied her class requirement, taking and passing her test and becoming a barber.

However, Penny (not her real name either) was assigned to him. She was even better looking. She was tall with jet black hair combed much like the hippies from the 1960’s with the look of ironed hair. She was very pretty. In fact, she was the prettiest girl he had ever come face to face with.

Penny liked the way he looked with the haircut from before. Even though she was trying to become a barber, she liked long hair. So, she just trimmed the edges. Nobody could really tell much had been cut. This time, he talked more than the first time. He told her all about himself and discovered it wasn’t hard to talk to city girls at all. Penny told him she fantasized about having sex in the loft of a barn in the hay. That was the first time any girl had ever mentioned sex in any way to him. He later thought that Penny was inviting him to invite her to have sex (he was dead wrong).. He was too innocent to know for sure, but sure as heck didn’t want to wait another four weeks to find out.

Just 10 days later, he wanted to get another haircut. This time, he wanted a girl who would give a full haircut and not a tiny trim. So, he called in advance and asked if there were any girls there who preferred shorter hair. What he meant was girls who wouldn’t just trim the edges and not make it look like he hadn’t gotten any hair cut at all. Instead, the student (me) told him that she was an expert in those types of cut. He asked me for my name, and I told him to ask for Angela when he got here and told him to remind me that he had talked to me on the phone.

30 minutes later, he was in the shop. He wanted a haircut similar to what Sheena had given him. When they called for me to come up to the reception area to meet my appointment, he waited anxiously to see who I was.

I came up, and he felt like the wind had been knocked out of him. I immediately laid eyes on those sexy blue eyes and felt much the same.

He late told me that his first look at me made him feel like I was the absolute cutest, sexiest woman on Earth. Back then, I had short, auburn-colored hair, big green eyes, high cheek bones, bosoms that were quite large, and a really healthy and slender body (hey, that's before I started popping out kids). He told me my voice filled the room when I asked him if he was Tommy. My smile did him in. He was ready to drop to his knees and propose to me on the spot, and I would have probably replied affirmatively.

As far as he knew, he was in love at first sight. He had never been in love to that point, so he didn’t know. I sure did. I saw stars.

I was from Toronto, but had moved to Detroit with my parents a few years earlier. I moved to Cleveland with my boyfriend and soon broke up with him. I didn’t like Detroit, so I stayed in Cleveland. No, I hadn’t been a prostitute like some of the other girls, so get your minds out of the filthy gutter and leave them in the clean gutter.

I wanted to go to college and study art design, but like Tommy, I was not from a rich family. I made some money by selling jewelry I made, but I was mainly working my way through barber college as a waitress at nights.

Tommy got over his nerves quickly enough to talk to me, while I was giving him a shampoo. I did a real number on him, giving him a nice scalp massage. He told me my hands felt great on his head, and he later told me at that point he started to feel it in his pants. For the first time in his life, he knew he was going to ask a girl out with the intention of having sex at some point.

He was too involved with thinking how to ask me out, that he didn’t notice that I wasn’t about to cut his hair the way the others had done so. Instead of cutting his hair after the shampoo, I blew it dry. I combed it so that it would sort of stick out from the scalp. It made his hair look like he had stuck a finger in the light socket and gotten a shock.

The more I worked, the more we talked. Soon, his hair was dry and flying out off from my scalp. I asked him how short he wanted it, and then asked if 3 on the top and 2 on the sides and back would be okay. He figured I was talking about inches, so he told me to drop it by one. I asked him if he was sure he wanted a 2 on top and 1 on the sides and back, and he then corrected himself and told me to make it a little shorter than that on top so it wouldn't be so much longer on top than on the sides. So, I took that to mean a 1 1/2 on top and a 1 on the sides and back--your typical short crew cut. I had been in barber school long enough to master this easy form of clipper buzz.

I took out my electric clipper, much bigger than the ones that had been used on his neck to trim the bottom. It was a giant clipper. I took out a red number one guard and placed it on the clipper; I moved the taper level out about halfway to what we call a 1 1/2. With that, I turned the clipper on, and guided them on the top of his head. I asked if he was ready, and of course he was because he didn’t have a clue. As I began to place the clipper on the back of his head, I commented that I thought he was going to look much better this way. That made him concentrate even less on his haircut and more on me. I brushed up against his left arm, making sure he got a feel of my boobs. Now, he was definitely not concentrating on his cut and not paying attention to the reflection of himself in the mirror.

The first pass of the clippers on his head about gave him a heart attack. He never imagined what could happen. He thought I was just going to trim his hair on top to an inch and a half. Most of his hair was shaved off where the clipper moved. It left it standing straight up like tiny toothpicks about 3/16 inch long. What had he just done? I’ll tell you what he had just done; he had just approved of me giving him a short crew cut, and that's what I was doing!

I continued to clip and talk, but he went silent. I kept clipping his hair from the back to the front, and hair kept piling up on his lap in front of him. With each pass, he looked more and more like an Army soldier. Soon, all his former hair was on the cape in front of him. He was in shock. Then, it got worse for him. I moved the taper level to its shortest cut and began going back over his sides and back. Where he could see me cutting, his scalp began to show more and more through the very short hair.

Finally, I was done. I wiped the loose hairs off and rubbed my fingers through it inspecting every square inch of shaved hair. I may have oohed and aahed a little as I rubbed and told him great it always felt just after I gave someone a buzzcut.

He had been silent for quite some time, but he finally spoke out. He told me he thought I was going to cut it to 1 1/2 inches on top and an inch on the side. My face turned as red as my hair. I didn’t know that he didn’t know what the numbers 4, 3, 2, and 1 meant when talking about clippers. I told him that these numbers represented the numerator with 8 as the denominator in inches; thus number 1 meant 1/8 inch of hair left on the scalp, which was what most guys got when they got a buzzcut.

He was almost as red in the face as me. I was really sorry I had just cut off almost all his hair, and I apologized multiple times. My instructor came over and did say it was a perfect blending that needed no corrections.. I went up to the pay area, and told the receptionist there would be no charge. I asked him to forgive me, and he saw tears in my eyes. He quickly realized that it was more his fault for not knowing what all the city guys would have known. He actually felt more sorry for me than himself at this point.

As I was retrieving his wind breaker from the coat rack, I glanced at Tommy eye to eye. I asked me if he was going to be okay. He told me he would get over it. I told him that I was ready to clock out for the day, and asked him if I could take me out for a drink before he went home. He told me he was 18 years old, and I told me that wouldn’t be a problem.

He thought about it for a second. He had never had anything more than a small glass of wine a handful of times. He had never had a "drink" before, and he had never been asked out before by a girl. He had never had a sexy girl show any interest in him, and here was that opportunity. He had already lost all his hair, and he thought that maybe one drink would be okay. So, Tommy told me he would take me up on the offer.

I didn’t have a car at the time, as I took the bus to barber college and to work. I didn’t have to work that night, so I had the rest of the day free.

Tommy drove me to a liquor store. Being 21, I went in and bought Gilbey’s gin. I gave him instructions on how to get to my apartment. We drove to my place. He had his first gin & tonic with lime. It tasted rather good to him, and he felt no different afterward. So, I asked him if I could fix him another, and he agreed to that. The second one was stronger than the first one. Within a few minutes of finishing that one, the room began to spin a little for him. His head felt really light, and he was overly happy. I began to smile and asked him if he wanted to make out on the couch.. At this point, he had no control over what he said or did, but he later could recall everything that had gone on.

We began kissing, and it wasn’t three seconds before he was stiff as a pole in the pants. I began to unzip his pants. I asked him if he had protection. He told me he didn’t like guns, but that he could hold his own with my fists, and he asked me why I wanted to know that.

I quickly realized that I had a very handsome and very sexy country bumpkin on my couch. I asked him how experienced he was, and he asked me about what. Then, I just came out and said, "Have you ever fucked a girl before?"

He would have never answered that question without the aid of two drinks, but he couldn’t not tell her. He told me he was still a virgin and had never come close to doing it. I zipped his pants back up and told him he wasn’t going to lose it like this.

When he finally processed that I was about to have sex with him after knowing him just 2 hours, he didn’t find it odd. He had come to realize that city girls were much more aggressive than the girls back in rural southeast Ohio. He also realized that he had just blown a chance to be with the girl who he really wanted to be with. He told me he wanted to have sex with me, but I told him he had to tell me that after he was sober.

I knew Tommy couldn’t drive, so I offered to drive him back to the campus and take a bus home. By now, he didn’t want to leave, so he told me that he was too dizzy to get up. I let him take a nap on the couch. He woke up, and it was almost 9 PM. He was now mostly sober, and he had a headache and nausea. He still remembered all that had transpired. I was sitting next to his feet watching TV. When I saw him begin to stir, I came over to him and planted a kiss on his forehead. He took a few seconds to get his bearings before saying anything. He asked me what time it was, and I told me it was approaching 9. I asked him if he wanted to eat, and he told me he felt like he had eaten 10 boxes of candy. I fixed him a cup of coffee and told him to drink it slowly.

He drank it slowly and began to recount what had happened during the day. His appearance had been drastically altered. He had gotten drunk for the first time in his life. He had made out with a girl and had come as close to having sex for the first time in his life as he ever had.

I began massaging his crew cut hair and asked him if he was totally in control of his senses. He told me that he could drive back to the campus without any trouble. I told him I had other plans.

"If you know what you’re doing, I want to be the girl who gives you your first experience," I told him. "If you will let me, I can make this a perfect night for your first time."

He wasn’t going to let this chance pass twice in one day. He wanted to become a real man, and here was the girl that he already felt he was in love with telling him she wanted to have sex with him on the spot.

He told me that he didn’t want to have sex with me if that’s all there would be to it. He added that since he first shook my hand at the barber school, he had experienced some things he had never experienced before. He was totally in awe of my beauty and personality and instantly felt a compulsion to bond with me.

I then planted a long, hard, open-mouthed kiss on Tommy. I told him that I wasn’t into one-night stands, and that when he allowed me to give him a crew cut and then didn’t get mad, but felt more hurt for me than himself, I realized that he was someone that I wanted to be with. Then, I added, "Besides, ever since I finished giving you the crew cut, I haven’t been able to take my eyes off you. If you had it totally buzzed to the nubs, I might have to have your children."

He took that as a joke, but the joke would soon be on him. I took total control over the rest of the night. Dinner turned out to be homemade chocolate malts and peanuts. It was getting too late to eat much anyway.

I told him to go to my bathroom and wait for me. He went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet seat waiting. In five minutes, I came in. I was wearing a black laced nightie that came up to my hips. He was quite impressed with my body. I had something else; I pulled out my right hand to reveal another electric clipper. Oh Oh!

This clipper was different than the clippers I had at the school. "These are my Osters," I said. "At school we have to use their clippers, but these are much better. This 00000 blade will reduce your buzz to short stubble, and that drives me wild."

I told me to sit on the lip of the bathtub. He asked me how I could cut his hair again, and especially since he knew this time it would take it all off and there would be no mistake about it.

I looked him in the eye with my hypnotizing balls of emerald in my head. I told him to relax and look at me. He felt a little uneasy, but I continued to speak. "It’s just hair, and it will grow back. If you let me cut it all off, I will be so horny, I won’t be able to contain myself. Guys with clipper shaves are sooooo sexy."

He had a decision to make. Either lose the rest of his hair or leave and lose the chance to be with the first girl who made him feel funny all over.

In the end, his dick beat out his brain. He had to submit and allow me to do it. I placed the 00000 blade on the clipper and plugged it in. When I fired up the switch, they sounded much more powerful to him than the other one she I had used earlier. They whistled rather than buzzed.

I chose a different strategy on Tommy this time. I was behind him during the initial buzzing, but that would have put me in the tub. I clipped him from in front this time. I forced his chin down to the chest and began clipping the back of his head in a side-to-side motion. Then, I moved around to the sides and rocked the clipper up and down. Finally, I went over the top and clipped the hair forward. When I was done, I made him go look in the mirror. He was totally hairless. Even though there wasn’t much hair left to clip off, the new appearance looked nothing like he had looked before the second clipping.

He was out of it by now, so the lost hair wasn’t much different to him than the crew cut. I led him to my bedroom. I won’t go into details here, because I don’t write porn. Suffice it to say that after I gave him ecstasy, there was no doubt that we truly were in love. I wanted to spend all my free time with him from then on and vice versa.

The next day, he went back to the barber school with a box of candy for me. When he walked in, several of the girls in the shop gave him cat call whistles. Five or six of the girls came over to him and rubbed his new hairless scalp hard. Several others did the mowing motion/sound as they passed by.

I was in the process of finishing up with a client. When I came up to the cash register, I saw him and the candy. I said loud enough for everyone to hear, "I love you Tommy!" He repeated with "I love you Angela." We’ve been married since 2000. We are truly soulmates, and he is my 00000 buzz boy forever.

We now live somewhere else, and I am one of the stylists at the "She-devils Barbershop."  Find us if you can and win a free head shave.  Duh, that's not the real name of our shop; it's just what us 10 girls call it.

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